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Customize your rifle:

 TBA is a full custom shop and has always offered to the customer any addition, deletion, alteration, or substitution of any specification or component at the customer's request. This includes other manufacturer's components not listed such as Accuracy International's Remington 700 folding stock, John Plaster's stocks, any McMillan tactical or target stock, and other manufacturer's actions and barrels. We also install any parts you may have acquired for your custom rifle. Pricing is negotiable and depends on material costs, availability, your parts contribution, and required shop time. 

Tactical Rifles, Options, and Accessories
Price increase pending March 2009.

TBA Remington 700 Barreled Action  


Package prices with base and rings but does not include telescope sights unless noted (click through to see more descriptions per rifle)


M40A1 (Using your Marine Corps Stock and metal is black oxide finish)  


M40A1 .22 LR RIFLE    


M40A2 RIFLE   $2900
M40A3 RIFLE    $2900
M40A3 USMC STANDARD RIFLE, (McMillan A4 Stock)   $3250
M40A5 RIFLE    $2995
ARMY M24 RIFLE   $2800
OSS/CIA/AIR AMERICA High Standard Suppressed .22 Pistol   (POR)
Custom AR-15, AR-10 Rifles   (POR)
TBA M25 or FAST DMR (M1A/M14) 7.62 NATO   $3550
1903 Springfield NRA Sporter Rifle, Cal. .30-06   $2400
1903 Springfield Style "T" NRA Match Rifle, Cal. .30-06   $2500
1903 Springfield 1924 International Match Rifle, Cal. .30-06   $7500
Left Hand for all centerfire Remington 700 models   add $175
Chambering available in .223/6.5/.270/.300 WSM, .260 Rem, .300 Win Mag, 7mm/.300/.338 Ultra Mag, 6.5-.284, any wildcat or other standard caliber.   no added cost

Remington 700 Accurizing Package:
(any caliber and model including wood stocked and sporter weight barrels) complete action and barrel truing, PPG Palma rechamber for .308, match chamber for .300 Win Mag, Devcon bedding over bedding block (or pillars added), refinish, testfire


NOTE:  Texas Brigade Armory Rifles can be built using your Remington 700 action. Credit allowed: $350 for any standard caliber (short or long action), $400 for magnum action, $400 for any early (below SN Remington 700 action). Credit will be applied towards your purchase if you provide an action regardless of whether the action is used or not used for your rifle. TBA will also take other rifles in trade.


Many of the following options and accessories may already be included in the rifle configuration prices. Pricing does not include installation cost for most items listed.
TBA Remington 700 Barreled Action, standard calibers  


Other manufacturer’s actions also available   (POR)
Stainless Steel Remington 700 Barreled Action (add)   $300
Titanium Action with Stainless Steel Barrel (add)   $500
Black Oxide finish to barreled action   $295
Clip slot receiver to Remington factory specification   $150
Early Type (pre-1969) Short Bolt Sleeve   $75
Badger Ordnance Tactical Bolt Handle (installed)   $70
M40A1 Rem 700/Win M70 Floorplate and Triggerguard   $175
Badger Ordnance Tactical Bottom Metal Assembly   $335
Badger Ordnance FP/TG Assy for Accuracy International Magazines   $345
D.D. Ross Rem 700 Tactical Bottom Metal Assembly   $335
Dakota M-24 Bottom Metal Assembly   $239

H-S Precision 5-round Magazine w/1 magazine (Short or Long Action)   $220
Barrel Fluting   $175
Tubb Recoil Lug   $28
Vais Muzzle Brake & Installation   $215

McMillan Stock, any style, any color   (POR)
Accuracy International Chassis System for Remington 700 (adj. cheek rest)   (POR)
Other Manufacturer’s Stocks (H-S Precision)   (POR)
McMillan thumbwheel integral adjustable cheekpiece for any stock (installed)   $150
Steel Hand Stop Rail and Forend Installation   $100
M40A5 type hook on underside of any stock   $100
Speedlock 3-Way Adjustable Buttplate (installed)   $190
Adjustable Butt Pad/Spacer System on any stock   $85
Decelerator Butt Pad   $27

Unertl 10x USMC Telescope   (POR)
Unertl 8x 1-1/4" Combination Telescope (or any other early target type scope)   (POR)
US Optics 10x USMC Telescope   (POR)
Leupold MK4 LR/T Telescope   (POR)
Schmidt & Bender Telescope   (POR)
NightForce Telescope   (POR)
USMC M40A1 Unertl Type scope mount with lugs for 1” or 30mm tube   $350
USMC M40A3 extra length/high Picatinney Rail scope mount with bottom lugs   $350
Mark 4 Base, One Piece, Short Action, Right Hand   $100
Mark 4 Base, M24, One Piece, Long Action, Right Hand   $175
Badger One Piece Base, Long or Short Action   $150
Leupold Mk 4, 30mm Rings   $120
Badger 30mm Ring set   $150
Badger Ordnance 34 mm ring set   $175
Badger Max-50 ring set   $160
Badger M40A3 30 mm Unertl 10x scope ring set w/1" reducers   $195
SIMRAD Top Ring w/male dovetail for Max-50 bottom ring   $185
Redfield Palma Rear Sight for M24   (POR)
Redfield “Big Bore” Globe Front Sight for M24   (POR)

Harris Bipod, 6"-9” or 9-13” Swivel   $110
Sling, 1-1/4” Heavy Leather, Target Type   $55
Swivels, Sling, 1 1/2” Cup Swivel Set   $25
Accessory package #1: Pelican Travel Vault, Dewey Cleaning Rod and Guide   $265
Accessory package #2: Doskocil All Weather Case, Cleaning Rod and Guide   $130
Accessory package #3: Hardigg Storm Case, Cleaning Rod and Guide   $265
Doskocil All Weather Hard Gun Case, similar to Pelican Travel Vault   $80
THE MILITARY AND POLICE SNIPER, Advanced Precision Shooting, by Mike Lau   $35
Suppressor installation or threading w/ end cap   (POR)
Dura-Coat®  finish   (POR)

Texas Brigade Armory is a full custom gunshop and also provides accuracy work on AR-15/M-16 rifles, M1A/M14 rifles, and other manufacturers rifles and handguns. TBA will bed any other manufacturer’s bolt action to any other manufacturer’s synthetic stock. Some of the custom gunsmithing work available includes action truing, rebarreling, bluing, moly-teflon coating parkerizing, restocking wood or synthetic stocks, recoil reduction, pillar bedding, auto pistol accurizing, scope mounting on rifles and pistols, adjustable sight installation on auto pistol slides, trigger jobs, wood and metal checkering, and military rifle sporterizing. General gunsmithing work includes repair, refinishing, check safety, functioning, testfire and accuracy. Please ask if you have a special gunsmithing need.



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